22 May

Information Therapy is the latest service being provided at the Premium Doctors Clinic. The therapy can not only provide patients with effective healthcare management solutions, it can also aid in improving one’s physical beauty.

Canada – With a commendable repertoire of cutting-edge healthcare services, Premium Doctors Clinic has now added Information Therapy to their facility. Information Therapy is a new method of providing evidence based educational resources to patients in order to help them live better. The skilled physicians at the clinic will now prescribe Information Therapy to clients as per their needs. The service can help patients manage their health, make lifestyle changes, elevate their beauty and much more.

A PR representative for the clinic discussed the uses for Information Therapy “Information Therapy is a fairly new yet highly effective method of helping patients improve their life quality in all aspects. Being one of the very few clinics to utilize this service, we can help our patients act quickly at the time of medical emergency or get the correct educational resources to improve their physical beauty, be it exercise or skincare.”

Information Therapy was created to bridge the communication gap between patients and physicians. With this prescription based service, physicians can give patients expertly tailored information according to their area of need. Having bona fide information and expertise available at all times helps patients live a better lifestyle and make informed decisions under any circumstance.

Dr. Reza Ghalamghash, president premium doctors further spoke about the beauty benefits of Information Therapy “The way Information Therapy can help people achieve their desired beauty goals is quite simple. Patients can discuss their needs with our expert physicians who will then curate the most effective and valuable Information for them. Instead of relying on physicians at all times, our clients will have evidence-based educational resources about beauty available 24/7.”

More details can be seen at http://premiumdoctors.ca/

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